"Every performance meets its own space and needs its own place”.


Peter Brook

ScenArchitecture is a neologism invented by Andrea Moneta to redefine the relationship between the disciplines of architecture and set design, that have always dealt with the management of the space, real and virtual.
The aim is to make reacting the methodology of architecture with the vision of set design linked to poetic sensitivity of theater; this allows to go beyond the limits of both disciplines going inside little explored territories, operation that allows to earn new lifeblood in a time where the two disciplines are lossing their cultural identity.
The interests, particularly economic, today prevent Art of architecture to build an identity; at the same time, the developing of the communicative methods and the digital revolution, are changing the field of influence also of set design.
Architecture and Set design are now contaminated between them to point that is no longer easy to distinguish one from another, for this reason was born the term of Scenarchitecture.

The design of scenic spaces in modern theater becomes part of a research path that, from the concept of "scenic place" of classical theater, reaches the "theater outside the theater" concept for which any significant architecture is a place for theater, and thus by extension, the city can be "a place for theater."

Site-specific theatre performances to name a few: Biennial of Design in Rome, WAM – Web Art mouseum, performance "Labirinti contemporanei” and “Mandala architettonico” (13°, and 14°  Urban theatre festivals in Rome),  multidimensional performance “@nts”, performance “Euridice” (in collaboration with the Universidad Europea of Madrid-Spain), the "Live city" performances at the "Young people's cultures Festival" in Salerno, performance “Tramandala” for the Teatri di Vetro 3 Festival in Rome, the "Science's Week" and "European researchers' Night 2009” in Frascati, the performance of guerrilla theatre "Not a dream" at Valle Giulia and "Doctors without barriers" in Ciampino (Rome).

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Nottingham Trent University

Smart JokesAs Senior Lecturer in Theatre Design at the Nottingham Trent University School of Art and Design, besides an academic role in Theatre Design, set and costume design, design for performance for both speculative and realised design contexts, he is teaching Visual Communication, digital design media, and is video maker for Theatre Design project video.

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Smart Jokes

Smart JokesCo-founder of Smart Jokes, a Rome based communication company focused on ethic and unconventional communication, has realised urban performances, site-specific theatre performances and installations for (to name a few): Save the Children, WWF Italia, European Commission, Focus Storia magazine, Comune di Roma and Comune di Ciampino (Rm). 
Smart Jokes was built for organizations, companies, associations that operate in a ethic, biological, ecologic and sustainable way; our works are dedicated to those who believe and pursue value projects for a sustainable society and a new equal and fair market.
Smart means be creative in a ethic sense, so to offer a communication of quality through the performative arts.

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architetturaAs an architect we remember as a few: Project of the new Municipal Building of the town of Ariccia (Rome), the restructuring of the Pontifical Spanish College in Rome, the consolidation of the complex of S. Francesco a Ripa and of the church of S. M. del Pianto in Rome, the construction of five residential buildings in the complex of Ponte di Nona in Rome, the allotment "La Macchia" in Trevignano Romano (Rome), the project for the new headquarters of ASI in Frosinone.
He participated to numerous national and international competitions of architecture, to name a few: international competition for the Library of Alexandria of Egypt (1989), the Acropoli's museum of Athens (1990), the Congress Centre Italy-Eur (1998), the City of the School of Sarno (1999), Transformation of the area of S. Lorenzo in Rome (2000), New Masterplan of Crotone (2000, project awarded), competition Rione Rinascimento in Rome (2002, special mention), the Archaeological Park in Cerveteri (2003), Sustainable Design in Centocelle (2004, first prize), international competition: “Invention Architecturale et Patrimoine” promoted by: Association des Centres culturels de Rencontre, Avignon (2008, winning project and rewarded by the french Minister of Culture).
Founder member of Archabout - "European mediterranean laboratory of studies and production transnational and transdisciplinary" an italian association that deals with  cultural production, research and training in different fields of artistic culture contemporary, in particular: architecture, theatre and visual arts

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University of Rome "La Sapienza"

scenografiaFrom 2005 to 2012  is adjunct professor of Scenografia (set design) at the Faculty of Architecture Valle Giulia of the University of Rome "La Sapienza". Alongside didactic activities is the research in the field of performing arts and Scenarchitecture, with more  than 40 degree projects in Set Design at the Faculty of Architecture “Valle Giulia”, the Faculty of Architecture “Ludovico Quaroni” of University of Rome "La Sapienza" and the Faculty of Architecture of the University of RomaTre. The Course of Scenografia holds every year more than 80 students not only Italian, but also foreigners from across Europe through the Erasmus programme.

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project workshop 4From 1997 to 2005 is assistant to the course of PW4 architectural design held by Prof. Gianfranco Moneta at the Faculty of Architecture Valle Giulia of the University of Rome "La Sapienza". In these years develops research activities in the field of Architecture through more than 50 degree projects in architectural design. The innovative methodology and the related architectural designs are collected in a publication, "Logic and complexity of Architecture", and exposed in exhibitions in Berlin, Weimar, Rome, Cittą della Pieve. The research develops later towards generative software for the architecture in collaboration with Prof. Makoto Sei  Watanabe (Japan) and in the field of virtual architecture on Second Life, in collaboration with Temple University (USA).

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Master in Scenography

master scenografiaMASTER IN URBAN, THEATRE, DIGITAL SCENOGRAPHY  University of Rome "La Sapienza"

The idea of Theatre becomes something else age after age. It is very ancient, yet always new. When the idea of theather changes, the space of theatre changes with her. Sometimes this space is a closed area, sometimes a little, precious space like a jewerly box, sometimes a square in the slums.  Yet theatre is more than this. Its real communication skill finds the highest value in the relationship between space, actors and spectators. Scenography becomes an instrument to modify reality and to reveal hidden vocations.

The Universitary Master in “Urban, Theatre and Digital Scenography” range from the bases of traditional Scenography to the modern ways to interpret and design urban locations. Teachers are pros that work in areas of theatre, virtual and motion film. The Master includes “on site” experiences from urban locations to real theatres. Through a continuos re-elaboration process, students will be able to build performative experiences in the city, in theatres and in virtual spaces, putting together data, memories, ideas coming from the relationship with territory.
Students could define his/her ability to analize the urban reality and, at the same time, could improve expertise and knowledge of stage design: building a storyboard, use of lighthing, set construction. Joining several concepts (local memories of the city, personal experiences and knowledges, etc.) they’ll be able to design and create theatrical spaces in a strong union between architecture and theatre.

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