About Andrea Moneta

Andrea MonetaArchitect (member of the Order of the architects of Rome), Scenic Arts designer, adjunct professor of Scenografia (set design) at  the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Rome "La Sapienza".
Ph.D. in "Urban sustainable design" at the Faculty of Architecture of University RomaTre.  

As a set designer has worked on  theatre productions and site-specific theatre performances in Italy and abroad.
With his course of Scenography has developed an innovative research on the relationship between architecture and set design in the management of the architectural and urban spaces; the Scenarchitecture thus becomes a testing ground of the numerous degree projects in set design  "outside the theatre" and collaborations with ETI-(Italian theatre board), the Milan's Piccolo Teatro, Teatro di Roma, Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, Teatro Vascello, Teatro Potlach, Abraxa Teatro. In the movie production field he has worked with directors: Stefano Sollima, Elisabetta Bernardini and Valentina Vincenzini.

As an architect, in addition to the professional activities in the field of housing, he has participated to many national and international competitions, exhibitions of architecture in Rome, Berlin, Weimar (Germany), Avignon (France). With the Lumes - " Managerial University of European Studies", he was the promoter of the Bachelor of Cybernetic Architecture Studies.

Founder member of Archabout - "European mediterranean laboratory of studies and production transnational and transdisciplinary" an italian association that deals with  cultural production, research and training in different fields of artistic culture contemporary, in particular: architecture, theatre and visual arts.

Scientific coordinator of the Master in "Urban, Theatre, Digital Scenography" at the University of Rome La Sapienza, Faculty of Architecture Valle Giulia, and co-founder of Smart Jokes, a Rome based company that deals with ethic and not conventional communication.

Currently is Senior Lecturer for Theatre Design Course at the Nottingham Trent University, School of Art and Design.