Master in Urban Theater Digital Scenography

Enrolment reopened for Master in Urban Theatre Digital Scenography

  • Application deadline Dec 31st 2008;
  • 1st payment before Jan 30th 2009.

Scenography: an ancient art, yet a modern job.

The idea of Theatre becomes something else age after age. It is very ancient, yet always new. When the idea of theather changes, the space of theatre changes with her. Sometimes this space is a closed area, sometimes a little, precious space like a jewerly box, sometimes a square in the slums. 

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Yet theatre is more than this. Its real communication skill finds the highest value in the relationship between space, actors and spectators. Scenography becomes an instrument to modify reality and to reveal hidden vocations.

The Universitary Master in “Urban, Theatre and Digital Scenography” range from the bases of traditional Scenography to the modern ways to interpret and design urban locations. Teachers are pros that work in areas of theatre, virtual and motion film.

The Master includes “on site” experiences from urban locations to real theatres. Through a continuos re-elaboration process, students will be able to build performative experiences in the city, in theatres and in virtual spaces, putting together data, memories, ideas coming from the relationship with territory.

Students could define his/her ability to analize the urban reality and, at the same time, could improve expertise and knowledge of stage design: building a storyboard, use of lighthing, set construction. Joining several concepts (local memories of the city, personal experiences and knowledges, etc.) they’ll be able to design and create theatrical spaces in a strong union between architecture and theatre.

The aim is to build an innovative professional career, that could operate in different fields by means of a peculiar cultural sensitivity joined by a solid technical knowledge: a designer of territory, of theatre and of virtual spaces.

Skills required:

At the end of the Master, students will receive the “1st level Universitary Master in Urban, Theatrical and Digital Scenography”  Diploma (60 credits).