Arcipelago Pietralata

Site-specific theatre, Workshops, Events

09.2005/06.2006 - Realization of the first project of teatropaesaggio in Rome in the suburb of Pietralata. A result of long research on the neighborhood, which took place through explorations, interviews, photo labs, video and laboratories perception of space, the project was intended to bring an itinerant open to citizens from the theme of the shared space

A testimony of places and relationships born in the heart with the experience of the fight for a house, a phenomena around which the inhabitants – who were sent to live in the outskirts following the evacuations of the historical centre done by Mussolini – have built and avenged their own identity over time. A dramatic composition of the landscape aimed at highlighting meanings, contents and dynamics that are different according to the areas of the district, centred on the idea of unveiling and recounting links that are often invisible between places and people. An experiment open to architects, urban planners, sociologists and artists, with the aim of formulating unpublished hypotheses of development, starting with the values and resources present in the area.

The project, which was created by the group Theatrearchitecture, was conceived by Ilaria Vasdeki and built in partnership with the Course of Scenography of prof. Andrea Moneta, Barbara Renzi, Gregorio Amicuzi (Residui Theatre), Fabrizio Boni (Laboratorio3) and Archabout. Co-financed by the European Youth Program, with the patronage of the Order of Architects of Rome, the Local Authority for Cultural Policies and Local Authority for Policies for the Suburbs, was done in the Pietralata area from September 2005 and ended with a performance in June 2006 realized with the help of the residents.

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